The World Needs Your Creativity

Last night I tried something that I have never done before… a Paint and Sip class! I have wanted to do one of these for a while now, and finally the perfect opportunity presented itself. I had been having a bad day and almost didn’t go. I am happy I didn’t back out! Our instructor, … Continue reading The World Needs Your Creativity

Are You Spending Your Time the Right Way?

"You can still start over and do what makes you happy.”

Your Authentic Self

Recently, I have been reflecting on my present position in life. I am a believer that, as cliché as it may sound, “Everything happens for a reason.” I also feel that there is a lesson to learn in both the good and the rough times. In order to grow, we must be stretched beyond our … Continue reading Your Authentic Self

Tips for Achieving Work-Life Balance for Millennials

you probably have struggled at one point or another with maintaining work-life balance. This is not uncommon, although many don’t even consider...

4 Things I have Learned about Myself and the World Through Travel!

Self-Discovery and Travel Many people who travel, end up not only taking a geographical study around the globe, but also one of self-discovery. I will never forget my first international experience where I traveled with about 10 other students and my middle school art teacher to Japan. Of all the experiences, the two that stick … Continue reading 4 Things I have Learned about Myself and the World Through Travel!