Favorite Holiday

As I was walking my dog, Ricky, on this brisk Virginia evening at the end of February, I looked up and could make out the outline of the naked tree branches through the dark, night sky. My heart started pounding and I wondered “What could be hidden in those trees? What could be hiding in the dark?” It was a feeling of exhilaration that came over me. Despite it being the end of February, I felt as if I was standing in the middle of October. A peace came over me and suddenly, I realized why my favorite holiday has always been Halloween. I like the suspense, the thrill, the unknown that comes along with the haunted houses, the night sky, and witches’ cackle in the night. This feeling is somewhat addictive!

night sky

It made me think how similar the feeling I get during the Halloween season is with that of traveling. Every trip is filled with some aspect of “the unknown.” You can’t plan for every moment you will experience; and you can never know until it happens, how you will feel during the adventure. This is what makes it all so exciting! Chasing that rush of experiencing a place you’ve never been, is much like peering into the unknown of the night.


This week, I challenge you to take the time to think about what gets your heart pumping. What makes you feel alive? Please feel free to share either in a comment below, on the lifethroughyourowneyes Facebook page, or by tagging @LTYOEyes on Twitter!


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